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  • Side Effects
    Although there are no known side effects or health hazards associated with recommended dosages of saffron preparations in healthy individuals, people with chronic medical conditions should consult with their healthcare professional before taking the herb.

  • Saffron and Beauty
    Saffron is excellent for dry skin and the complexion, making it perfect for use in hydrating creams, scrubs and facial masks.

  • Saffron and Anti-inflammatory property
    It helps in relieving inflammation of arthritis. Saffron also provides relief from joint pains.

  • saffron as a natural UV- absorbing agent
    Golmohammadzadeh SH. et al evaluated saffron for its anti-solar activity.

    The dried stigmas, threadlike parts of the flower, are used to make saffron spice.

  • 12 Reasons You Need Ancient Spice Saffron in Modern Diet
    There are many reasons the 3000 year old Persian favorite spice known as saffron should be included in your daily meals, or at least on a weekly basis, from fighting cancer to increasing sexual appetite.

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